U.S. State & Local Codes

General Overview:

The operation of a public pool, aquatic center or waterpark is governed by various state and local codes that may be managed by various state and local departments, including departments of health, departments of agriculture, etc. To aid you in becoming familiar with the pool and spa codes found within your state within the U.S., please locate your state on the list below and follow the links to applicable codes. Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of all state and local codes that may pertain to the operation and inspection of pools and aquatic venues. You may also have state or county codes that are applicable to your operation but are not listed here. Your state may also have more than one code with which you need to be familiar.

Call to Action:

If you would like to see a code link added to this website, or you are aware of a revision to a state or local code that you think other members within your state should be made aware of, please inform the WWA Office by calling +1-913-599-0300.

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