WWA Committees are comprised of small groups of like-minded waterpark professionals who are committed to improving the industry as a whole by working together toward common goals. Below are those established Committees working within the WWA today. Committee are comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary, as well as 10-12 member positions. To display the Committee Roster and email an individual committee click on the Committee name. If you are interested in serving on a WWA Committee or would like to know more about what each committee is working on, please contact Kelly Harris

Committee Name Description

Committee Leadership Council

Comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of each WWA Committees.

Education Commitee

Focuses on designing, improving and expanding the educational programs offered by the WWA.

Food and Beverage Committee Provides information and updates related to Food and Beverage. 
Government Relations Committee
Monitors and reports about legislative and regulatory issues that affect the operation of waterparks in the U.S. market.
Marketing and Communications Committee
Provides marketing and education support for waterpark members.
Public Sector Committee
Focuses on support for public sector operators.
Safety Committee
Provides information and updates on issues related to safety.
Technology Committee
Provides direction as to how technology may be used to improve member relations, and reports on new technologies important to the industry.
Resort Committee
This committee focuses on support for indoor and outdoor waterpark resort and hotel operators.
Canadian Waterpark Task Group
Provides support for Canadian waterpark operators.

Committee Meetings

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