Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Medical Resources:

World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Advice for the general public – find information about basic protective measures including hand washing and respiratory hygiene
  • Coronavirus Q&A – find information about COVID-19, who is at risk, what treatments are available and more
  • Situation reports – see the latest number of reported confirmed cases and locations
  • Travel advice – find information pertinent to travel
  • Technical guidance – find information on country readiness, risk communication and community engagement, laboratory guidance and more
  • Download WHO's "Reduce Your Risk" graphic for use on social media

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control:

Visit this webpage to find resources, links and information on COVID-19 for countries located within Europe.
Review ECDC's guidance for disinfection of environments in healthcare and non-healthcare settings potentially contaminated with COVID-19

Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention:

Find resources, links and information on COVID-19 (this site uses the Chinese language)

The Government Of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:

Find resources, links and information on COVID-19

John Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard:

To review an interactive world map of current COVID-19 cases, click here.

The New York Times vaccine tracker:

To review the New York Times' vaccine tracker, click here.