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Big Trend No. 1 in Waterpark Industry Growth: Municipal-owned Waterparks

What's the other big trend within the waterpark industry? The growing number of city-owned/municipality-owned parks. While most major markets are set with a mega waterpark, most cities still have plenty of room for public venues! They don't compete with their big brothers because they "wet" the appetite of families for bigger, more thrilling rides.

Big Trend No. 2 in Waterpark Industry Growth: Indoor Waterpark Resorts

What's the biggest trend within the waterpark industry? One of the two top segments of waterpark-industry growth is that of the indoor waterpark hotel. These resorts help keep hotel rooms filled when business travelers head for home while also offering families a quick getaway for some fun they can share together.

Cooling off at a Waterpark This Summer

Take a break from the heat this summer by visiting one of the numerous and exciting waterparks found all over the United States. From small, city-owned waterparks to mega-sized monster parks with thrilling speed slides, giant wave pools and leisurely river rides, you'll be sure to have some wet, exciting fun!

Safety in the water: National Water Safety Month Informs Consumers

Want to stay safe in the water? You've got to know how! WWA sponsors National Water Safety Month in May. WWA member parks participate in this annual event by sponsoring safety fairs, training and other activities. This is only one way WWA members work to make sure their guests stay safe in the water, whether at the park or any other water venue.

Where did the waterpark come from?

Who created the first waterpark? While some may good-naturedly argue who had the first park, nearly everyone agrees who the true "Father of the Waterpark" is: George Millay. Founder of Sea World and the first Wet 'n Wild Waterpark in Orlando, Millay lead a colorful life that impacted nearly everyone who works in the waterpark industry--not to mention thousands of gleeful and giggling children and adults!

What are the Hottest Rides?

Haven't been to a waterpark in a while? You may be surprised by all the exciting rides you'll find there! Speed slides that are several stories high! Water coasters that slosh riders at high speeds! Wave pools with cresting mountains of water! Even surfing pools where a continuous wave creates the perfect opportunity to Hang 10!

Waterparks: The Perfect Summer Job!

Teens who are looking for a summer job that allows them to enjoy the outdoors and feel a sense of importance in helping others should look no further than working at a waterpark. From lifeguarding to concessions to maintenance, waterparks offer teens many opportunities to gain experience in determining their career paths.

Big Action Behind the Scenes: Getting Ready for the Summer Season

What goes on at a waterpark before the season opens each summer? It's a whirlwind of activity! From repainting the wave pool after the long winter season to waxing slides and trimming all that lush landscaping, waterpark staffs are hard at work long before guests start to come through the turnstiles on opening day!