Splash Radio

Program Overview

The WWA has partnered with Clear Marketing Concepts to offer WWA members a revenue-generation program for waterparks that focuses on in-park radio solutions as well as corporate sponsorship strategies. The goal is to help you (a) better monetize operations while (b) providing a professional, quality entertainment option for customers. 

By having your own customizable in-park radio station, you will be able to increase advertising and sponsorship potential in your park. Splash Radio allows you to take a captive audience and tailor all your marketing messages to best reach your target market: Mom and families! This represents real value to your advertisers. Plus, your guests will enjoy hearing good music and fewer commercials and your staff will enjoy the variety that Splash Radio offers. 

Splash Radio Details

  • It's 100% customizable. Splash Radio allows you to carefully select your style of music. You could even supply your own music that is popular in your geographical area.
  • Offers flexible product promotions. Splash Radio lets you pick the frequency and content of advertising messages. You can promote food products, daily specials or gift shop discounts throughout the day.
  • Improves guest service. Splash Radio allows you to customize voiceover for special events like group picnics, corporate events, birthdays, etc., including thanking specific members of the party.
  • Builds revenue. Splash Radio includes commercial inventory (more than 85 commercials per day) to be used as part of sponsorship packages to sell to local advertisers.

Click the More Info button below to be taken to our partner's website. Look for the "Listen to the Splash Radio Demo" link to listen to a sample.

More Info 
To learn more about Splash Radio, contact:

Eric Jontra


Aleatha Ezra
Director of Park Member Development