Development & Expansion Guide

The Development & Expansion Guide is an exclusive benefit for WWA members! The popularity of waterparks continues to grow. They attract increasing numbers of developers with forward-seeking-and, sometimes, grandiose visions. But developing a waterpark isn't as easy as it sounds. Many often forget the little—so-called "minor" aspects—that can be the demise of a waterpark before its first visitor steps foot on the property. Yet, those considering the development of a waterpark need not go into the process unprepared. The annually published Development & Expansion Guide—a $250 value that is free to members of WWA—is designed specifically to provide developers and others with the background and details they need to make sure they don't overlook any of the important aspects of preparing for the development of such a facility. 

Designed to provide developers & others with crucial details & facts. The Development & Expansion Guide covers the following important development topics:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection
  • Master Planning
  • The cost to develop a waterpark
  • And many others

This useful reference includes vital information for someone developing a outdoor waterpark, a public sector spray park or a waterpark resort. However, you MUST be a member of WWA to get a copy of this crucial publication!