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Each issue of World Waterpark Magazine contains a variety of useful, informative and colorful articles. Some of the highlights within each magazine include: features on waterparks currently operating within the U.S. and throughout the rest of the world, bonus articles on industry issues, professional development articles, Committee columns, general industry news updates and much more. Check out the latest issue:

June 2024 

The Aurora Entertainment Park, part of the Aurora Anguilla Resort opened on December 15, 2023, for in-house guests during the festive period and then to the public on January 6, 2024. The Entertainment Park is the first of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean, situated on the island of Anguilla. It is an outdoor complex that offers three unique experiences: the waterpark, the sports and activities center, and the amphitheater. Whether you want to relax on a tube while floating down the lazy river, climb up the rock wall, or enjoy a lively music performance at the amphitheater, Aurora Entertainment Park has something for everyone. It is a must-visit destination when you’re on the island. 

Highlights From This Issue

  • Sapphire Bay Aquatic Center, where summer dreams come true and the adventure never ends for the residents of the City of Frankfort, Indiana, U.S.A.
  • Turtle Island Adventure Parks, situated within the serene confines of the Sky Dancer Casino and Resort on the Turtle Island Band of Chippewa Reservation is the latest sensation in North Dakota's recreational landscape.
  • It can be tough to interview first time job seekers who are intimated by the process. Use these How To tips to conduct interviews that help these candidates shine while ensuring you get the best new hires.
  • As we head into the hottest and busiest time of the year, follow these strategies to boost your staff's morale and keep your team fired up through the end of the season.
  • Parents and caregivers are a key demographic that waterpark operators need to build relationships with to make their guests safer. Learn about the top concerns of these groups and how your facility can address them.
  • It's been said many times, the waterpark season is a sprint, not a marathon. Check out these tips to beat procrastination and keep you and your team members on track.on.

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2024 June Issue